PLIKTRO LTD was founded in 1994 in Athens. The main object of the company is the Tax Cash Systems. The Company has work experience and experience in companies dealing with the representation and trading of Cash Registers so that it operates by knowing all the details regarding its areas of activity.  

For the technical support of the cash registers there is the required stock of spare parts acquired by the manufacturer. Represents in Greece the BMC Japan Company, with the CR-190, CR-280, BMC 3000, TH-480 models, and supports them technically according to the law. Represents in Greece the TOWA Japan Company with the Model ΕΤ-5616F. Represents in Greece the GRT Company in China and has been imported PBM cash registers, with the models PE-1 / PE-2, NE-1 / NE-2 / NE-3 / NE-5 and electronic signature device FMPC-01.

The Company has come to an agreement with a new large Greek manufacturer of cash registers MAT Company using the AdmiN AD-300 model and the AQ Plastronic Bulgaria manufacturer with the Admin SD-100 model, which are of excellent quality and technology and until now the excellent quality of our products also guarantees the quality of new products. .

Our company also deals with money detectors, coin counters and euro money counters with great success in relation to the cost of these products





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